About Us

Vortex Wellness & Aesthetics has been in the forefront of new and exciting weight loss plans for over 7 years. Our founder Darryl Harris,MD has been helping patients lose weight for over 7 years. As a practicing Obstetrician & Gynecologist with over 6,000 deliveries to his credit he found it natural to help his new moms lose their baby weight. He found success using multiple plans however his hCG plans have helped hundreds if not thousands of patients and their significant others. 

All Vortex Wellness and Medi-Spa weight loss services are done under the supervision of our medical director and a certified nutritionist. Each plan begins with a personal, in-depth consultation with our nutritionist. Once completed, you will meet our board certified physician who will perform a complete medical examination which includes, medical history, and past dieting history.  At Vortex Wellness our staff works with you to create a custom weight loss plan that meets your specific needs.

Vortex Wellness is delighted to offer Blessed Herbs cleansing products as a part of our wellness program. See store to purchase products.

Vortex has locations in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Atlanta