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In Your Weight Loss Journey – Dieting is the EASY Part?!


We at Vortex feel it’s vital for continued lifestyle weight change to share with all of our friends the latest in weight loss and weight management.

In addition I feel that it is also important that we continue to uplift and support each other while on the journey for lifestyle change, me included.

With that in mind today is the first in a series of blog posts that I will use to share information with you on weight management and journey support.

Dieting is the easy part!

Many weight loss specialists know – and studies have backed this up – losing weight is the easy part. It’s keeping it off where many struggle. The mindset needs to be that dieting is for losing weight but exercise is crucial for maintaining weight loss.

How many times have you been able to lose weight by diet and exercise only to stop one or both once you reached your goal only to have the weight return?

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the only way to maintain your new weight is to continue to exercise after you have reached your goal weight.

Remember this is a journey and not a sprint. Be well and I will be back next week with more  knowledge.


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