What is the Financial Cost of (Doing Nothing) About Obesity?


By this time, you know the health risks of obesity most likely. There is likely not much we could say to surprise you there.

You totally get that obesity is hard on your joints and ligaments and dramatically increases aches and pains.  You know obesity can increase blood pressure and cholesterol. You understand obesity is a risk factor for diabetes and other life-long diseases.

I am sure none of that surprises you anymore.

However, we all have the tendency to get the, “…that won’t happen to me,” syndrome when faced with medical risks and possibilities. On the other hand, one thing that equally affects every single obese person is a consequence you may not have heard as many times—if ever.

Being fit is more than just improving your health. Obesity takes a financial toll as well – especially on women!

The results to the right will bear that out. The study was from 2004 so the amount of decreased income is almost definitely greater now.

What are the costs of doing nothing about obesity?

Decreased income for patients with obesity:

  • Women 2.3 – 6.1% = $4879/year
  • Men: .7 – 3.4% = $2646/year

Health care costs are increased by $2460 / year for patients with obesity

This means a woman with obesity will have on average $7339 less disposable income per year, or $612 per month.

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